Summer Solstice

Our summer solstice was nothing fancy, but still very nice. And the weather is great these days. To me, the summer solstice marks the beginning of summer. So I try my best not to pay attention to the fact that days will grow shorter and nights longer from now on.

We collected seven different kids of flowers and put them under our pillow. Seven or nine different kinds of flowers under the pillow on midsummer night is said to make you dream of your future spouse.

We did our very first attempt on making fairy houses. This one is for the forest fairies.

And this is one for the garden fairies. - Or angels as T. call them. We’ll make more of these. And T. is checking regularly for signs of anyone moving in or staying over. Maybe we’ll make a fairy bed and breakfast? I wonder what fairies like to eat… (something sweet maybe, like honey?)

And in the evening we went to a lake nearby. Not to take a bath (too cold yet – about 15 degrees celcius/60 degrees F). Too cold for me anyway…) T. was just testing the water… And (of course) she fell and got all her clothes soaking wet.

So she got her first bath of the year anyway, and was totally thrilled about it.

And baby V. was happy in the wrap with daddy.


therese said...

fantastisk bilde av henne i vannet, det ser ut som om hun går på vannet!

natalia and family said...

beautiful little house.
i like your blog too.
i just started the idea, takes time!
happy summer days!

Bjørk said...

takk therese :) ganske vittig egentlig ;)

thank you natalia :) happy summer to you!