My view

My 5 year olds view of me.

My level of crunchiness is significantly higher then most people I know. At least in my family – not much crunch there. Sometimes I feel lonely because my beliefs, thoughts and actions are so different from many of the people around me. I have friends that I feel totally at ease with; I feel at home and I can let my guard down and just completely be me. The first time this really happened was when I met other pagans. It’s the ultimate cliché, but I felt that I had come home. But when I am with my family (not the immediate family like my husband and my girls of course), distant relatives or friends, and even with strangers, - there are big parts of me that would never dare to peek out of the dark and dusty closet.

Not that I always and at all times have to show off all parts of my personality and discuss all the things I believe in or think about! We all wear different masks in different situations and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. But sometimes being/feeling different is lonely; like living on another planet or in a culture that is totally strange to you. And sometimes it is exhausting to defend your thoughts and actions to people that don’t (and really don’t want to) understand where you’re coming from.

But then again there are times when proclaiming your view is both giving and energizing…

There are positive aspects to this. Most of the time (luckily) I feel proud and completely at peace with my beliefs and thoughts. What I miss are more people to share them with. Commuity. Americans are great when it comes to everything “community” – at least is seems like it from my point of view. I was asking my husband the other day if he would like to move to the US or the UK for a year – just to try it out. To get closer to communities that has the same values and interests that we do. He wasn’t put off by the idea.

But we will still be the same people, just in a different environment. Will that change anything? I know that spending time with equals gives me a lot of positive energy and happiness, but still?


Summer Solstice

Our summer solstice was nothing fancy, but still very nice. And the weather is great these days. To me, the summer solstice marks the beginning of summer. So I try my best not to pay attention to the fact that days will grow shorter and nights longer from now on.

We collected seven different kids of flowers and put them under our pillow. Seven or nine different kinds of flowers under the pillow on midsummer night is said to make you dream of your future spouse.

We did our very first attempt on making fairy houses. This one is for the forest fairies.

And this is one for the garden fairies. - Or angels as T. call them. We’ll make more of these. And T. is checking regularly for signs of anyone moving in or staying over. Maybe we’ll make a fairy bed and breakfast? I wonder what fairies like to eat… (something sweet maybe, like honey?)

And in the evening we went to a lake nearby. Not to take a bath (too cold yet – about 15 degrees celcius/60 degrees F). Too cold for me anyway…) T. was just testing the water… And (of course) she fell and got all her clothes soaking wet.

So she got her first bath of the year anyway, and was totally thrilled about it.

And baby V. was happy in the wrap with daddy.


For the love of ginger

Try this:

Simmer a few pieces of ginger root in water for a couple of minutes to make a strong tea. Strain and add a few slices of lemon. Mix half and half with apple juice/cider. Enjoy hot or cold. Mmmhmmm :)

“A variety of uses are suggested for ginger. Tea brewed from ginger is a folk remedy for colds. Three to four leaves of Tulsi taken along with a piece of ginger on an empty stomach is an effective cure for congestion, cough and cold. Ginger ale and ginger beer have been recommended as "stomach settlers" for generations in countries where the beverages are made, and ginger water was commonly used to avoid heat cramps in the US. Ginger has also been historically used to treat inflammation, which several scientific studies support, though one arthritis trial showed ginger to be no better than a placebo or ibuprofen for treatment of osteoarthritis. Research on rats suggests that ginger may be useful for treating diabetes.”

- Wikipedia


Ghost house

A 10 minute walk through the woods from my mothers house – this abandoned old beauty appears

Old and lonely now, but once upon a time the heart of someone’s life, the anchor of their existence. Maybe a small family – more likely a big one – lived here, worked here, played, slept, ate, danced, made love, cried, gave birth and died here. They entitled her their home.

She’s not lost yet, but her beauty is definitely fading fast without the love of her residents. And someone loved her once. Someone tended the garden, planted apple trees, delicate pink Columbines and Solomon's Seal which are still here.

Someone was proud of her; made pretty carvings around the window frames and painted the walls in light, pastel colours. Flowery lace curtains were blowing in the warm summer wind, mixed with the cent of freshly baked bread. A big milk pail left open in the kitchen as if someone just went out to pick a few eggs and planned to be back soon. Bare children’s feet were running through the hall and up the stairs. Now the stairs are cold and worn; still whispering stories of the past and longing for a new prologue.

There is something magical about old houses like this. To me, they are great sources of inspiration. I can wander around for hours just imagining the people living there and all the life that happened. Kind of like going to the movies or travelling back in time. Although there is something bittersweet about it all. Why did the story end like this?

I guess I’ll never know, but I will be back soon to take more pictures and do some more time travelling.



JardarMama (beautiful blog!) had a blogpost about the good life a while back. - And about not having/taking the time to blog about it regularly. I can relate.

But here are a few things from my good life.

A new diaper soaker is in the making. This time in some crazy purple sock yarn.

More yarn goodness: Mirasol Hacho. This is serious eyecandy; hand dyed multi coloured merino (so beautiful that I considered just placing it in a bowl or something for decoration…), and so soft and luscious. By buying it you can support The Mirasol Project.

"The philosophy behind the Mirasol Project is very simple, the Mirasol Project supports local communities in Peru through the sales of the Mirasol Yarn Collection.

Peru’s heritage and culture of textile artistry is rich and ancient. The Mirasol Yarn Collection includes yarn made from the animals tended by these communities for generations in the Peruvian highlands. Without them we would not have this beautiful yarn."

Fresh flowers almost every day from my 5yo… These are one of my favourites – lily of the valley.

And some “knitting” in progress also by the 5yo… Rumour has it that this is becoming a sweater for her baby sister. I cannot wait.


Loving right now..

It's June!

Having the time and energy to make healthy and delicious food.

Summer reading. Elizabeth Gilbert: Eat, Pray, Love.

New shoes for T. from Goodwill.

And a new skirt for mama. From Goodwill.