Wishing for an Indian Summer

From our midsummer nature table.

It's raining. And it's raining even more. Where did summer go? What happened to those "too-hot-to-get-some-sleep" nights and lazy days in the garden chasing the largest shadows around with a blanket and a book? What happened to ice cream tasting contests and children running through the garden sprinkler to cool off?

Something happened and I didn't pay attention.

It's turning. Slowly, but it's turning. We're heading towards autumn. I love autumn, but I don't know if I'm ready for it quite yet. I need a few more sunny days. Not the hot sunny days, but the light, airy, insect-buzzing, flower-budding, freedom-feeling, going-to-the-lake days...

So now I am wondering about doing some weather magic and asking the Gods for an Indian Summer.


Our new residents

This is Kasper Kanin (Kasper The Rabbit) - nibbling on a branch from our apple tree. He is about 7-8 weeks or something now and is a mix of flemish giant and some french lop rex (not sure about the translation to English here - the Norwegian names of the breeds are "belgisk kjempe" and "fransk vedder" rex). Three rabbits came to live with us a few weeks ago - this is Kasper and his mother Marte enjoying the newly built rabbit pasture/grazing enclosure...

Marte is "on vacation"... well, not quite - she's staying with us for awhile, and will hopefully have a litter or two to help us along with our breeding. Marte belongs to Kristin over at the Blomsterbarna blog. Thank you so much Kristin :)

And this is Idunn (flemish giant) and our daughter chilling out in the sun...


I needed this

Snitched from a discussion on Mothering.com forum:

"Remember it's about raising a wonderful, emotionally healthy adult not having a perfectly behaved child."