For the love of ginger

Try this:

Simmer a few pieces of ginger root in water for a couple of minutes to make a strong tea. Strain and add a few slices of lemon. Mix half and half with apple juice/cider. Enjoy hot or cold. Mmmhmmm :)

“A variety of uses are suggested for ginger. Tea brewed from ginger is a folk remedy for colds. Three to four leaves of Tulsi taken along with a piece of ginger on an empty stomach is an effective cure for congestion, cough and cold. Ginger ale and ginger beer have been recommended as "stomach settlers" for generations in countries where the beverages are made, and ginger water was commonly used to avoid heat cramps in the US. Ginger has also been historically used to treat inflammation, which several scientific studies support, though one arthritis trial showed ginger to be no better than a placebo or ibuprofen for treatment of osteoarthritis. Research on rats suggests that ginger may be useful for treating diabetes.”

- Wikipedia

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Marina said...

Jeg drak den slags te hele tiden mod kvalme da jeg var gravid. I dag laver jeg det kun til min store datter. Sådan kan man få for meget, selv af gode ting.

Jeg har lige fundet din blog som jeg synes er dejlig. Jeg vender tilbage en dag jeg har mere tid til at kikke i arkiverne.