Yes, she's here

She is here – finally. 16 days past my edd, and a birth experience that turned out very different from what I wished for. But that doesn’t matter now. It’s all about getting to know each other, sleeping, carrying, folding and changing diapers, cuddling and nursing.

And hopefully some time to get into blogging again… :)

Did I mention the cuddling?


Daan said...

She's Beautiful!
Lot's of Love and Luck for and with your little girl.

I just found out about your blog, love it.

Enjoy the cuddling, nursing, sniffing,etc.

Love, daan (The Netherlands)

skymring said...

GRATULERER!!!! Ja, dette tok sin tid - nyt babyboblen!:)

Amy Bradstreet said...

Blessed Babymoon to you, congratulations!!!

Blomstermamma said...

Åhh hellandussen så nydelig!Så heldg du er, kos deg og nyt tiden! Gratulerer nok en gang med ei nydelig lita jente!

Bjørk said...

Thank you :)