I must admit that this feels kind of strange even to me. Posting a photo of our toilet was not a thing I thought of doing. Ever. But here goes. Let me introduce you to our toilet. It’s the composting kind without water. And the cake tin holds our cloth wipes. Maybe I’ll find something else later; I’m thinking of a box hanging on the wall.

And here they are. The recycled granny curtains from Goodwill. I made them 20 x 20 cm (ca. 8 x 8 inches), but I’m thinking that I want them a little bit larger. This fabric is quite thin, so I’ll have to hunt for some flannel. We’ll use the wipes for nr. 1 only. And that will really reduce the amount of paper in the compost loo – most of what’s left down there is paper. And of course – we can buy less paper altogether.

Since I’m having a baby at any moment now, we have this wetbag ready for cloth diapers and baby wipes anyway, so this is where our “family cloths” ends up as well. Nifty.


ladybug-zen said...

i think the floral wipes are a lovely idea.very pretty.

Nicole Spring said...

what a great post! our family cloth is all mis-matched odds and ends. youre inspiring me to make some nice ones :)

skymring said...

Hurra! :)

Blomstermamma said...

Så flink du er!!!! Både kompost do og tørkefiller til bimmelimm, det står det respekt av. Vi har vanndass og bruker papir vi...og jeg har sagt flere ganger til gubben at her går det så mye dasspapir at det er ei gru. Men jeg tror ikke jeg får med gubben på tøyfiller til dogåing altså, hehehe.
Men som sagt, jeg er imponert over dere altså! :D

skymring said...

hm, er det kommet noen baby, nå da? du ble så stille!