Food Waste Reduction Challenge – part III

So, to the challenge wrap up.

What can you do to reduce food waste?

- Meal plan. If you don’t do it already; this will be your friend and a great tool in so many ways.
- Use a list when you go shopping. Use the meal plan and stick to your grocery list.
- Plan your shopping. Shop in bulk and not on impulse. And keep your trips to the grocers/mall to a minimum.
- Consider writing an inventory of your freezer and food storage/cupboard. Do an archaeological excavation and find out what you’ve got to work with.
- Consider keeping up with the inventory lists so that you can use everything before it’s past its due date.
- Involve the whole family in the meal planning. Let everyone have a say in what you buy and make. Get everyone involved.
- Use the opportunity to educate your kids about food, cooking, composting etc. Make food together. Make compost. Make art.
- When you throw food away – take a look at what gets thrown out. How can you reduce this, or how can you use it in different ways?
- Get into the world of composting.
- Get into cooking. Read food blogs. Get/stay inspired.
- Grow some of your own - it's so much fun and and it will make you appreciate food more and thus wanting to waste less.

So the key to wasting less? Make a plan and stick to it :)

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Blomstermamma said...

Ja ukemenyer er genialt. Og så utrolig befriende, for man slipper liksom det stresset om å finne på noe til middag hver dag. Jeg MÅ bli flinkere til det...har slurvet litt i det senere.

Nå har jeg pakket en diger smarteske til deg med litt ymse :D