No poo?

When I first heard about no ’poo, I actually thought they were talking about poo as in… well – faeces. And the idea of people not pooing sounded kinda strange, not to say impossible and very unhealthy. Even if a person set out on a liquid, no fibre diet there had to be some kind of residue, right? And why would people want to do this anyway? Was it some kind of strange yoga routine or a religious discipline of some sort?

Yes, it’s ok to laugh now.

Hilarious isn’t it?

Ok then.

No ‘poo is not about having rather strange health issues/interests, or anxiety related to overconsumption of toilet paper. Luckily. No ‘poo is about shampoo, or rather about not using it. When you stumble upon a forum discussion titled no ‘poo, it’s usually about the use of baking soda and vinegar to wash your hair - as a substitute to the chemical mix-up that most of us use. Basically you rub your scalp and hair with baking soda to remove fat and dirt, and then you rinse in water with some apple cider vinegar added. And then, ideally, you can stop buying the paraben loaded, toxic, and environmentally hazardous, bad-for-you-and-the-planet stuff.

I haven’t tried it yet. And I don’t know if I will. But hair products are a big problem area for me when it comes to bein’ green. I have short hair and I intend to keep it this way. I need to feel clean, and I need some kind of hairspray, paste or something to feel reasonable – at least when I have to get out of the house. So there we have it. I need green haircare products that work.

Washing my hair with baking soda? Uhm… Not convinced. If I cannot manage to find a natural, eco friendly shampoo at the health food store that really does the job – well, then I don’t believe I can manage the bs/vinegar routine and feel fresh and clean. But please prove me wrong!

I’m still hunting for shampoo; my latest find is Dr. Hauschka with Macadamia and Orange. It looks delicious (!), it smells lovely, it feels great, but it’s not the perfect shampoo. It's ok - maybe even great - but not perfect. And it’s expensive. Although I understand that quality vs. quantity is something to take into consideration… My wallet is kind of slim.

The good news is that I have found a hairspray that works! – from Giovanni Organic Haircare. So I’m giving the shampoo and some other products a try as soon as I’ve saved up enough funds…


therese said...

a friend of mine who is also an ex hairdresser, says you only have to use 1 teaspoon of shampoo. it works for my long hair. i used to splash in two tbl spoonfuls, and do it twice.
the bs/vinegar thing is on my to do list, but i have my doubts. i tried 'grønnsåpe', but that didn't spread out in my hair.
instead, i'm working on making my own soap, liquid detergents and shampoo.

Lavendilly House said...

It works :)
I can vouch for it. I have always had long hair but shaved it after my second child was born - and haven't washed with shampoo more than five time since. My child is nearly 2 years old now.

When I feel really grotty I do the baking soda scrub and vinegar rinse. It is really clean. And I have thick hair. I do it about once a week and don't wash in between. Before I was a wash-every-second-day girl!

ladybug-zen said...

this is sort of an issue for me as well. i have tried the bs/vinegar combo and it did not work for me. it cleans alright, but it is just too strong. my hair became very brittle and dry and looked a real mess. my scalp became very itchy as well.

although i appreciate the safety (environmental and personal) of organic shampoos and conditioners, i personally am appalled by the price. it's my feeling that everyone should be able to afford safe and environmentally friendly health care products so i simply cannot support that industry by buying the products.

so like you, my search continues. sometimes i experiment by making my own soaps etc...which is fun, but also sometimes messy and time consuming. if in your search you find anything, please post.