This is some of my spring knitting in progress. Mind you – this is just a small part of it. I can’t have just one project going; it would bore me to death and I would never finish. Not that I’m good at finishing any of it anyway – I’m the master of UFOs. But I discovered this cute baby socks/booties pattern that is really quick and understandable. After some initial confusion about how to knit a kast (I think it’s the YO – yarn over). Of course that is so simple that I could not get my head around it and just accept that it is easy…

More baby socks are on the way. I’m knitting a pair in spring green silk/baby alpaca yarn. They are so soft and fluffy – and hopefully we will find a need for them. Maybe in a month or two when I can take walks in the woods with the baby wrapped snugly in a shawl on my breast, and just breathe in the smells of life and growth.

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ladybug-zen said...

beautiful photos. beautiful light. sweet booties!