I need sleep

I struggle with sleep these days. I guess it’s because of the pregnancy, feeling/being like a stranded whale and everything. So I go to bed, lie there staring at the ceiling for an hour and a half or so (or actually I stare at the walls – lying on my back is not an option now), listening to hubby and T. snoring, the dogs having a sip of water, raindrops and icicles falling from the roof outside now and then.

So I get up and settle down in my cosy chair in the living room. Still no energy to really do anything other then sitting still and being quiet. My brain and body craves rest. So I keep knitting on the diaper cover, I play Civilization on Xbox (you know; Waldorf inspired and natural family living mama as I am ;). I check my mail, facebook, and different forums. And I sit there in the darkness of my living room; me and the baby. She kicks me in the ribs, and I can feel little feet and hands trying to stretch and make more room in there. But there is no more room now. We’re both at our limits.

After a few hours I give the bed another try, and sometimes it works. If I can just manage to fall asleep it’s ok. Then I can sleep for many hours – too many. So I wake up as if I’ve slept for a hundred years like Cinderella. No prince kissing me though. The prince has gone with T. to the kindergarten – probably a few hours ago already. So the zombie like Cinderella gets up and feels just like she did when she went to sleep. And so it goes on.

But today I’m still hoping to;

Find the photos I took of T. playsilks. They turned out so vibrant and beautiful, and I was going to publish them here and write something more about toys and stuff. Maybe I need to take new ones.

Fold and put away a huge amount of baby clothes hanging to dry. My mother has bought a lot at flea markets and Goodwill, and I don’t really have any idea of what it all is yet.

Get some decluttering done and stop ignoring the stuff and build up of dishes in the kitchen.

Finish the meal plan for the next two weeks. (Write an update on the food waste reduction challenge maybe? Another thing being ignored these days. I’m really good at ignoring and postponing things – I should get a freakin’ medal.)

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